नेपाल भुकम्प राहत

On April 25, 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck our beloved country Nepal and was followed by a series of large aftershocks, including a further 7.3-magnitude earthquake on May 12. The disaster, which affected over 8 million people, led to more than 9,000 deaths, and temporarily displaced 2.8 million people, prompted a significant response from the international community. Nepalese living in Nepal and all around the world worked together as a team to serve our brothers and sisters in Nepal during this time of need.

We managed to send 115 boxes of emergency relief supplies from India, including medicines and medical consumables (in 2 separate batches). This wouldn’t have been possible without your extremely generous donations and incredible support.

1ST Batch (Aid Relief sent from India)
- Mrs. Indra Kumari Gurung (courtesy: son Tikajit) GBP £550.00 [Indian Rupees ₹52,635.00]
- 3 boxes of emergency medicines courtesy to Mahalaxmi Pharmacy, Bangalore – India.

Item sent: 58 boxes of emergency medical supplies (medicine and consumable items) sent to people living in “remote parts” of Nepal, delivery through the courtesy of Indigo Airlines (India) and Shree Airlines (Nepal)

2nd Batch (Aid Relief sent from India)
1. Indra Kumari Gurung (Mothers’ Blessing) => Indian Rupees ₹12,000.00
2. Margit Bucchave (Denmark) => DKK1000.00 [Indian Rupees ₹8,930.96]
3. Diane Furlong (UK) => GBP £52.00 [Indian Rupees ₹4,973.00]
4. Tara Devi Gurung (USA) => US$70.00 [Indian Rupees ₹4,700.00]
5. Michael Christensen (Denmark) => DKK300.00 [Indian Rupees ₹2,747.79]
6. Soulful Universe Simali Connection Hong Kong => HK$801.00 [Indian Rupees ₹6,217.7 3]

Items sent: 57 boxes of essential medical and relief supplies and consumable items, dry foods and nutritious juices sent to Nepal through the courtesy of GOONJ, Bangalore – India.

My heartfelt thanks to all International agencies, generous individuals and our own incredibly brave people of Nepal who worked against the clock to deliver medical help, rescue operations and raised funds to help survivors and victims of the devastating earthquake in our beloved country – MOTHER NEPAL.

God Bless You All!


[Mothers’ Blessing]