The miracle of life nurtured by a woman who gave us love and sacrifice is Mother.

Mothers are everything for us. She is the focal point of our lives, the greatest human being in the world or should we say divinity on earth.

Here, the word “Mother” refers to own mother, our beloved country ‘Mother Nepal’, and also to the mother of all “Mother Earth”.

No words can match her divine love, blessing and commitments. But we can make sure to honour them by helping others in need, and to those who are less fortunate than us, living in extreme poverty and suffering due to their medical disabilities and illness.

There is no greater blessing than a mother’s love. A Mother’s Blessing of all the special joys in life, the big ones and the small. A Mother’s love and tenderness, is the greatest of them all.

This society “MOTHERS’ BLESSING” is formed to pay homage, tribute and honour to our mother. Our aim is to run the future projects (on a small scale) solely based on funds generated within our own family members, and under exceptional circumstances from close friends and sponsors.

Thank you!




(a) To provide grants or medical and welfare facilities; and other amenities to poor children, disabled and infirm persons, the destitute and the orphans.

(b) To organise relief work in times of natural disaster of any other occasion independently or with collaboration of individual societies or associations or organisations.

(c) To provide all kinds of relief to the poor, including financial assistance, distribution of books, note books, clothes, or meals for the poor students and indigents.

(d) To advance the Buddhist and Hindu religion, Nepali traditions and to promote religious organisations, development and maintenance of pilgrimage sites.

(e) Contributions and/ or donations to any rural schools, public funds, orphanages, elderly homes or other public institutions for advancement and propagation of education and knowledge, and for the promotion of any public charitable objects.