Our life is a gift of God to us.

The most treasured and sacred moments of our lives are those filled with the spirit of love and compassion for others in need. In the end, the development of such compassion is the true measure of success in our life.
I always believe our main purpose in life is to help others in need. I was truly touched by Ratna’s story and his difficult journey so far. He suffered enormously each day over the last 13 months post his traumatic accident where he lost both his hands.

What started as a small initiative to help this heroic young man, we ended up helping two more wonderful children – Dhan and Harkaman (both double limb amputees) with God's continual divine blessings and your generous support. Planning, organising and coordinating an “overseas” medical treatment is a massive daunting task and a rare opportunity of a lifetime, so we proceed ahead with their treatment despite having a budget deficit. Sometimes the smallest act of donation has the potential to completely turn around other person’s life. So please continue helping others in need, and those who’re less fortunate than us, living in extreme poverty and suffering due to their medical disabilities. The life of an amputee is affected physically, socially and psychologically at all times…but we have for these brave people – A HOPE!!!

The miracle of life nurtured by a woman who gave us love and sacrifice is Mother. This society “MOTHERS’ BLESSING” is formed to pay homage, tribute and honour to our mother. Our aim is to run the future humanitarian projects (on a small scale) solely based on funds generated within our own family members, and under exceptional circumstances from close friends and sponsors.

Thank you so much once again. May God Always Bless You All!!!


[Mothers’ Blessing]